As a start, you should have filled the form in the website in order to join the already-active list of Eastern Learners.  

Then and after your receive an email from the CRU informing you that you are a group now, we suggest that you take the following steps to form a unified and harmonized group: 

IMPORTANT: Calculate your prices 

To minimize the room of misunderstanding, it is a good idea to discuss your budget limits openly. We have created this simple instant quote that will help you getting a sense of the tuition and registration fees. 


  • Download the attached spread sheet, which contains your and your group contact details;
  • Contact each other whether by phone or email (Please consider using the prefered method first); 
  • You will need to agree on classes starting date and time, details of your PTP framework, your group leader, payment method and a place to gather and have your classes in;*
  • Fill in your info in this form which will be already included in the same email of group announcement;
  • We will contact you back with the suggested educational materials (Books, series...etc) and a final invoice; 
  • After approval, we will list your classes in one of the available tutors timetable and your classes shall take off. 

Getting help in designing your learning plan

If you thank that you all are swamped with the learning solutions that we provide, or that you need someone's help to guide you to the best program of track for your need, it is a good idea to schedule a free phone call or to book a free demo session before you fill the group form. Simply go to the booking page and select the service you want under the category (Eastern Learner - Group). Please note that you have to provide or suggest a meeting location for the demo session and that all of the group member are present at the agreeable time and date. 

Get to know more about how we make it possible for the eastern learner to learn Arabic effortlessly and affordably by reading the Eastern Learner catalog. 

*If you don't have a place of your own, then we will try to find one for you, however bear in mind that having no place might increase you fees significantly or cause some post-pointing your starting date.