• A learner must be an adult Eastern Learner of Scratch to Beginner level (Equal to 0-22) 
  • He or she must resides in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and able to commute from/to the location of the sessions
  • This offer is only secured to the first 9 paying leaner, payments without proof of payment 
  • This offer is open to both genders


  • Wire bank transfer to the following bank account is the only acceptable payment method for this campaign 

عفاف عيسى حمود الحساوي

Afaf Eesa Humud Al-Hasawi

Account number: 273608010178978 Or 

IBAN: SA9080000273608010178978 

مصرف الراجحي - مستشفى الدمام العام

Rajhi Bank - Dammam General Hospital Branch

  • The full amount of 3768 SAR per learner must be paid in advance and before or on the expiry date. A payee must provide the proof of payment as soon as the amount transfer is complete to the email: 

Classes calendar 

Key dates

Starting date/ Module 1: October 24th, 2018

Module 2: November 28th, 2018 

Module 3: January 2nd, 2019

Final date: February 4th, 2019

Steps to class registration will be provided once the payment transaction is complete

Location Policy 

The provided location is only available once classes are scheduled, no representative of the Arabic Institute will be present prior to the starting date

Alternative location 

If for any reason the provided location was not available on the starting date, The Institute will provide an alternative location with the detailed directions prior to the next scheduled session

Cancellation, rescheduling and refund

  • Special offer classes are NOT rescheduled under any circumstances by the learner. 

  • In the rare cases of rescheduling by the assigned tutor and there was no tutor available for replacement, learners will be notified with the rescheduled appointment
  • If paying registrars were less than 9 by the end of the offer expiry date, the classes might be subject to cancellation. The cancellation announcement will be emailed to the remaining learners. The transferred amounts will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation announcement
  • if the class is complete, the first session arrangement email will be send via email and no refund will be issued after the recipient of this email

Communication means

The only acceptable communication means throughout this campaign are email and live chat

First session arrangement 

First meeting arrangement will be emailed prior to the starting date, it will include the hole/meeting room number along with other important details. Learners are advised to keep it handy upon the first session

Certificate of Completion 

The Certificate of completion is only provided to the learners who achieve 90% attendance rate and above