On one hand, acquiring a second language as dense as Arabic requires good amount of dedication, effort, time-management and discipline, if there was not financial commitment of your side as a learner, there would be nothing to prevent you from quitting the classes in the middle of the road no matter how eager you were to learn the language. 

The bulky upfront payment has approved over the course of the years to be one (if not the only) guaranteed method for a mutual commitment until you actually learn (Or perhaps master) Arabic.

On the other hand, however, the uncompromisable quality of our LMS content and, supporting services and the top notch collection of tutors and faculty members can only be provided to those serious learners of long-term contracts. Package is the third pillar in the PTP framework that paved the road to creating unquestionable methods in teach Arabic. 

Other payment solutions would disrupt the package system and the whole framework, in other words, they would make the Packages pointless.