This article is meant to give a detailed-to-an-extent comparison of how we handle Corporate learners VS Individual learners. 

Corporate learner

Individual learner

Payment structure

The employer pays one hourly rate for the entire group (Up to 9 learners per class) Example:
The rate of 80 hours for 5 learner = 80 X hourly rate
Each learner pays for their own package

The rate of 80 hours for 5 students = 80 X 5 learners X hourly rate
Hourly rate
Up to 399 per hour for one learner
Varies depending on the learner classification
Quote based
Shipping fees
Compressed (As cheep as possible)
Each student pays the flat shipping rate on their own
Travel expense in the hourly rate
Classes out of the learner's premises
Paid by the employer
Paid by the learner
Rescheduling and no-show
Not available
Available for customized packages
From 2.5% up to 15% based on the number of learners Up to 10% on renewal
Available on renewal only.
Available - Minimum of 100,000 SAR investment
Not available